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52 Flavours

A different taste for every week of the year

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52 Flavours For A Year
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52 Flavours is a writing community, created on similar lines to 31_days or 30_kisses. Themes are provided to serve as prompts or source of inspiration for writing. The basic idea is to (hopefully) post one fic a week over the course of a year.

Admin: hemlocke, hellboy


1. There is no restriction to the choice of fandoms, regardless of source media. Writers do not need to sign up to claim a particular character/pairing/group.

2. All genres of fiction (het, gen, slash) is permitted. This includes original fiction and real person fiction/slash. Please append the appropriate disclaimers to all stories.

3. Acceptable ratings are G through NC-17. Please rate your fiction appropriately, especially if it is rated R and above.

4. The format for posting is as below:

For the subject line:

[Theme no.] [Series] Title

And for the body of the post:

Theme no.:
Notes (if any):

52_flavours: Themes for 2009
by hemlocke and hellboy

1 ) - Beginning?
- Beginnings.


~ No One Was Turned Away ~

2 ) The universe is my country

3 ) Let me go to the window,
Watch there the day-shapes of dusk
And wait and know the coming
Of a little love.

4 ) Secret city of people

5 ) The house of the butterflies

6 ) Like the dew
That clings for life
On hare's foot fern
So I, too, rely on you
Though I may vanish

7 ) Who is dancing with these
rainbow colours in the sky?

8 ) And turn and go up to the open door boldly,
And knock to the echoes as beggars for roses.

9 ) from which tree's blossom
it comes, I do not know
this fragrance

10 ) Your house is your larger body.
It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless.

11 ) Perhaps one at last will be left to grow in peace.

~ Could It Be Magic? ~

12 ) Move through smoke and mirrors

13 ) I’m a wanderer trapped in a maze

14 ) Ride the wind and rise to the moon

15 ) Bitter to taste, sweet in imagining

16 ) The scent of a soul

17 ) Our star is fading

18 ) Strange as a dreamer's mad imaginings

19 ) Of the four elements that frame the heart

20 ) By the enchantment of thy strain

21 ) The moonbeams kiss the sea

~ ... Stealing Your Hubcapz ~

22 ) Charisma: a form of voodoo

23 ) Liebes-Attacke

24 ) But why are the worthless multitudes taking you away?

25 ) The swagger of a champion

26 ) Red for the devil, black to inspire fear

27 ) Tales of manly perseverance.
Or the lack thereof.

28 ) "I'm not sure my parents will approve! And they run a bar!"

29 ) But first, I'd like to find out who did it.

30 ) I have all these thoughts, and I'm pretty sure they all contradict each other.

31 ) It's about creeds and deeds
but words, chivalry seldom needs


32 ) And from
The profound courage to never relinquish love.

33 ) I am full of love tonight
Come look into my eyes, and let's go off
Sailing, my dear, on a long ocean ride.

34 ) Duong jai
[ translation: one who climbs inside the heart ]

35 ) Love which is simply free

36 ) Who is so safe as we, where none can do
Treason to us, except one of us two?

37 ) For one crowded hour you were the only one in the room

38 ) Your soul is my soul clenched in my fist

39 ) For their two hearts in life were single-hearted

40 ) A joy was erstwhile, In thy voice and thy smile

41 ) I want both of us to start singing like two
Traveling minstrels
About this extraordinary existence
We share

The Four Horsemen

42 ) ... and when they come they bring an army.

43 ) A trap from which it will be hard to escape with dignity and honour.

44 ) No opportunity for glory or avarice.

45 ) Stained by martyred blood

46 ) Ere we were disunited?

47 ) Cease, cease — for such wild lessons madmen learn

48 ) The isolated, the dispossessed, the incommunicado

49 ) disappears into emptiness
with a thousand new disguises.

50 ) The second-hand victims of loneliness

51 ) We build worlds that destroy us.


52 ) But a life built on memories is not much of a life.


Please leave any commments or questions at the FAQ thread.

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